If a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe a video is a library.

Zyon Films was born with a purpose; to help our clients strategise, produce and market video content that engages their audience.

Our role

Behind every brand lies a story, our role is to understand it, articulate it and amplify it. Whether it’s creating desire, demand or anticipation, we dive deep into your brand to create an insightful message and accurate portrayal of your business through video.

Our mission

By offering one-off videos or integrated campaigns, our aim is to help you carve out your own unique voice with a strategic and cinematic edge.

Our team

We are a small team but we pack a punch. As a group of experienced, strategic and creative thinkers, we leverage our marketing, filmmaking and entrepreneurial strengths to become an extension of your team. We are results driven and take great pride in guiding each and every project from development to distribution with in-house strategists, directors, producers and editors.

Meet our team

Dylan Simpson

Founder & Creative Director

Dylan is a storyteller. He likes to inhale creative briefs and exhale headlines, tag-lines, concepts, scripts and characters in an engaging and relatable way. A copywriter turned strategist turned director, throughout his career he’s developed a unique set of skills combining both creative and strategic thinking to deliver relatable and human-focussed content, no matter the genre or touchpoint. With experience building brands and creating content for clients in a range of industries, across multiple platforms, his mission is to embody your brand to deliver an authentic, tailored and engaging narrative that resonates and actions your audience. An unshakable optimist, no job is too big, and no task is too tough; he believes they’re merely another opportunity to do something great.

Marcio Souza

Founder & Head of Production

Marcio is a filmmaker. With over 10 years experience in the film and television industry, he combines his extensive technical expertise with his creative vision to produce engaging and cinematic content. A down to earth dreamer, Marcio is a problem solver who uses any and every tool in his arsenal to turn visions and concepts into reality. His passion lies in creative collaboration, inspiring peak performance across cast and crew to achieve a common goal. Marcio’s comprehensive knowledge of film, from ideation to distribution, creates consistency throughout the entire production and ensures each job is delivered to the highest possible standard.

What drives us?


People are emotional beings. That’s why we pride ourselves on the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


Passion is contagious. It inspires, motivates and keeps the fire alive.


Creativity is a superpower; the greatest influencer on Earth and, as creatives, it’s our mission to use that superpower for good.


We love what we do but recognise how important it is to spend our time wisely. We endeavour to find harmony in professional, personal and family life.