We craft commercials, documentaries, short films, social content and music videos.

All in one place

At Zyon Films, you connect directly with the creative team to collaborate and produce stories about your brand. As filmmakers with a marketing mindset, our team combines 25+ years of agency experience with the fundamental elements of visual storytelling and cinema to guide you to on and off screen success.


First up we’ll take a deep dive into your business to discover what makes it unique and how best to connect with your customers. Fuelled by insights and great ideas, we work with you to develop an engaging narrative with cut-through messaging that will move the audience you’re trying to reach.


Once we understand our clients needs and develop an optimal strategy, it’s time to roll the cameras. Big or small, our experienced team of professional story-tellers bring any idea to life. From pre-production to post we leverage our signature cinematic style to deliver high-production visuals on any budget.


It’s imperative to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform; so we help you do just that. Our digital marketing specialists will implement, track, report and optimise your marketing campaigns to ensure your content lives up to its full potential.

Production capabilities


Ideation / Scriptwriting / Strategy


Storyboarding / Location Scouting / Production Planning / Casting / Crew Sourcing

Principle Photography

Producing / Directing / Cinematography / Sound Recording / Art Design / Hair & Makeup / Photography / Aerial Photography / Aerial Videography


Editing / Colour-grading / VFX / Sound Design / Graphic Design / Scoring / Animation


Marketing Strategy / Media buying / Digital media implementation, optimisation and reporting